Everyone at ECG – no matter what we do for the firm – contributes to our overall success.

From supporting the development of project deliverables to managing complex technology, our Corporate Operations team members help us stay ahead of the changing needs of our clients. When you join us, you’ll be able to apply your strengths and improve patient care in new ways. Not only will you build a meaningful career that really matters, but you’ll also be able to activate your passion for leading healthcare forward.

Career Opportunities

It takes a lot of people, skills, and competencies to help transform healthcare. Here’s a look at our career opportunities within Corporate Operations:

Career Development

We know that our Corporate Operations team members help make everything we do possible. That’s why we make it a priority to offer a wide range of ongoing training and learning resources. From internal advancement opportunities to professional development activities and internal projects, you’ll have everything you need to take ownership of your future. This is your chance to push past your comfort zone, achieve your top goals, and grow as a leader in your field.

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Meet the Team

“It’s a great pleasure working with the talented and caring team at ECG. I love the feeling of my work being valued and appreciated.”

-Edith R., Accountant

“Working with such smart and dedicated professionals here at ECG motivates me to continue to grow, learn, and develop my skill set.”

-Mary B., Human Resources Coordinator

“At ECG, I’ve always been part of supportive teams that value my contributions and encourage me to grow as a professional.”

-Matt M., Marketing Communications Specialist

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